Using No Smokes in the classroom


Do you teach students in upper primary and secondary school? Are you looking for culturally relevant lesson plans relating to the national curriculum (health, science, english, maths, history) to engage your students?

Teachers are in a powerful position to use No Smokes videos and games to create classroom activities to highlight the impact of tobacco on Indigenous communities and individuals.

We have created a suite of No Smokes Study Guides that can be downloaded as PDFs and outline lesson plans and classroom activities.

Some ideas (these and a whole lot of other classroom activities are available in the Study Guides):

– Play No Smokes Bingo (all the materials you need are in the Your Health Study Guide)

smoking bingo

– Use the Smoking Calculator Study Guide to get your students to calculate how much money their community spends on cigarettes and what could be bought with that money- Show The Smoking Story video, and then test your students with the trivia quiz in (the quiz is in The Facts Study Guide)

– Get your students to create a video with an anti-smoking film (using your mobile phone camera is fine!) and send it to and we’ll put it on our website! You’ll need to have them complete a video consent form.