About Us

One in five Indigenous Australians die early as a result of smoking.

No Smokes is about changing that. No Smokes is an innovative anti-smoking initiative that uses videos, animations, music, games and other fun stuff to help young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders quit smoking. Youth friendly anti-smoking tools feature Aboriginal faces and speak to young Aboriginal audiences.

No Smokes is funded by the Department of Health and Ageing as part of its Indigenous Tobacco Control Initiative.

The project is managed by Ninti One, a national not-for-profit company that builds opportunities for people in remote Australia through, research, innovation and community development.

Our Vision

No Smokes is inspired by the vision of a future in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people enjoy the same level of good health as other Australians, with smoking seen as an undesirable exception, rather than a pervasive norm. No Smokes supports a smoke-free Australia.

Our Mission

No Smokes targets young Indigenous people, supporting them to quit smoking early, or never start. We use knowledge sharing, capacity development and empowerment strategies to promote anti-smoking and pro-health choices amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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