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Bust this Myth

MYTH: Tobacco is a natural plant, so cigarettes can’t be harmful. FACT: Tobacco companies add more than 4,000 chemicals to cigarettes. ONE OF THE CHEMICALS IN CIGARETTES IS FORMALDEHYDE. If you don’t know what formaldehyde is…. it’s used to preserve dead animals, in case you didn’t guess from the photo.

you can't hide from the truth

Covering warning labels?

Covering up the warning label won’t hide the real damage Have you noticed smokers trying to cover up the graphic photo on their cigarette packets? Are you a smoker who does this? Putting a mobile phone on top of the pack, putting stickers over the photo and using liquid paper are some methods that smokers […]

personal horror story

You own personal horror movie

Who needs to watch horror movies when there are ads like this! This new UK anti-smoking ad looks like a horror movie. The cigarette grows a tumour! A tumour is caused when you inhale cigarettes that cause mutations in your body. These mutations turn into tumours, an can make you very sick.  The No Smokes […]


The truth is hard to look at

Plain pack cigarettes are on the shelves, if you haven’t noticed! It’s now illegal to sell cigarettes in packets with logos or branding, and all cigarettes are sold in packets that are a dirty green colour. Another big change is that the warning label and photographs take up most of the pack. The photographs are […]


Can you smell something?

After 2 weeks off cigarettes, your sense of smell will be returning, and you’ll be enjoying food more too, as your tastebuds are getting back to normal. Look at this timeline that shows the benefits of quitting after 1 day, 1 week, 1 month etc. Getting a better sense of smell is definitely an incentive! […]