Catherine Solomon

Blog day 10 – Catherine Solomon ‘My life as a non-smoker’

Year 11 student, Catherine Solomon, with a teacher from Warriappendi School

My life now as a non-smoker is good; I no longer feel the need to have a cigarette, my asthma is much better than what it used to be, I have more money in my pockets and I just feel much healthier.

Everyday I go to school I watch my classmates walk to and from the back of the school to have a smoke whilst I catch up on class work in the library.

At times I feel like a loner, but I never ever want to go back to the stage I was in. I don’t just feel better from not smoking, I look better.

Being a non-smoker I would like to help other young Indigenous Australians like me, by telling them about my experience as a smoker and a non smoker, and to inspire young Indigenous Australians to quit smoking and that it isn’t as hard as they think it is and the benefits you get out of it.

Catherine Solomon is a Year 11 student at Warriappendi School in Adelaide. Catherine is the No Smokes guest blogger for July, sharing her experience of smoking and quitting with us. Read Catherine’s other blog posts here:

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