Catherine Solomon

Blog day 8 – Catherine Solomon ‘Giving up the smokes’


Quitting cigarettes was really easy for me. I found it easy because I knew I wasn’t allowed to smoke in front of my mother and father so going home was good for me.

By quitting smoking I felt much healthier, my asthma still remains but it is easier to breathe and I hardly get any chest pain and barely wheeze anymore.

After quitting cigarettes I had more money on me. This helped get things I really needed. Quitting cigarettes has benefitted me so much, my teeth are much cleaner and more whiter, my fingernails are clean and not yellow anymore and those bags under my eyes don’t stand out as much anymore.

By staying home I am back at school and haven’t been in contact with my “friends” in over a month, I haven’t drank any alcohol in weeks seeing that I used to drink everyday and to top it all off I have recently quitted smoking.

Catherine Solomon is a Year 11 student at Warriappendi School in Adelaide. Catherine is the No Smokes guest blogger for July, sharing her experience of smoking and quitting with us. Read Catherine’s other blog posts here:

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