Staying quit over the holidays

The silly season is well and truly upon us: with parties everywhere we look. It’s also a time of the year in which emotions like stress and sadness tend to emerge ( not to mention too much booze)  – all of which can make us start smoking again long after we’ve quit. To help you […]

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Melanie Herdman – Smoking & Friends

Most of my friends smoke. I remember one afternoon when I was about 13 or 14 years old.  I  went down to the beach and played softball with the other kids in the community. Two of my friends started talking about smoking and why people do it. One of them thought it was fun and […]


Smokers are three times more likely to die

New research has shown that smoking is even worse for you that we thought. In he past it was estimated that half of all smokers will die because of their habit, but it’s now believed around 2 out of every 3 smokers will die early. The study followed 200,000 smokers over four years and found […]


Myth: I can’t undo the damage from smoking

Myth: The damage from smoking can never be undone. A smoker’s lungs can never recover. That’s not true! The picture above is of the tiny hairs in your lungs called cilia, which protect the lungs from infection, and clean out all the gunk. These hairs are destroyed by the poisons in cigarette smoke, but when […]

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Quit tip – Tell your friends

Tell your friends, family, and people you work with that you’re trying to quit smoking. Having the encouragement and support of people around you could make the difference. If you have friends or family who are smokers, ask them not to smoke around you. If they are your real friends, they will respect your wish […]

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Halloween masks show effects of smoking

If you really want to scare someone when you go trick-or-treating this Halloween, you could try one of these disgusting masks that show how smoking can make you look. Special effects experts used the photos from cigarette packet warning labels to make these masks, which show what mouth and throat cancers look like, as well as […]

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Sekur Clayton – Quitting smoking

Throughout high school I always told myself, “I don’t need a cigarette, I want a cigarette”. It wasn’t until I tried to kick the habit that I realised that that I really need a cigarette and don’t want one. The first time I tried to quit smoking, I went out with friends and they were […]

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Sekur Clayton – A lecture from my dad…

My parents didn’t know that I was smoking; well maybe they had an idea but just didn’t want to believe it. I went to my dad’s after school one day and asked him if he could drop me home (as I was living at my brother’s house). My dad lives in a upstairs house, as […]


Sekur Clayton Guest Blogger – Smoking & Money

When I was in year ten (aged 16), my third year of full time smoking, I noticed that it was becoming expensive to keep this habit. I reassessed what I spent my money on. At that time in my life, I would always be on the phone to my ex-boyfriend. Credit would cost me $30 […]

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Sekur Clayton – My first cigarette

I was sitting there, lit up the smoke and continued to take a drag, all eyes were on me to see if I knew what I was doing. I have never in my life coughed so much that it hurt. Everyone laughed as they do! I was so embarrassed; I made a promise to myself […]