Sekur Clayton Guest Blogger: ‘Experimenting’

In year six, I would’ve been around the age of 12. My friend had a sleep over at her grandmother’s place, at the back of the house there was a plant (I can’t remember the name of the plant) but if you ripped out the stems and lit them up, you can inhale and exhale […]

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“I always thought I was in control”

Introducing the No Smokes Guest Blogger for September…. Sekur Clayton Sekur is a 19-year-old Aboriginal woman from Darwin, who now lives in Canberra where she works for the the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations on a program that helps people in remote communities to get jobs. Sekur comes from a big family, and […]

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Make this Father’s Day a smoke free day

We all know what a big influence our parents have on our behaviour. If you’re a dad, think about what your smoking says to your kids. If you’re not ready to quit, try making this Fathers Day a smoke-free day to show that there is a healthy way of living. Together, family and friends can […]


Meditate on this… and smoke less cigarettes

Meditation worked like magic to reduce cigarette cravings for people who weren’t even planning to quit, according to new research. The research participants were recruited to try out meditation, but weren’t told that it would have an impact on their smoking. When they were surveyed a few weeks later about how they were feeling about […]

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Smoking rates higher in remote communities

(The above image is from  National Rural Health Alliance  ) If you live in a remote or rural part of Australia, you’re more likely to smoke. That’s a fact. You can see from the picture above that only 15% of people in cities are smokers, and in remote areas, more than 25% smoke.  In remote Aboriginal communities, the rates […]


No Smokes on TV

Remember the awesome tour that hip hop artist, Blakboi , did for No Smokes back in May 2013? You know the one… where he performed at Redfern Community Centre , and then also competed in the Indigenous Men’s Surf Titles in Bells Beach. Well, footage from that tour, as well some other great stuff filmed at the surf titles, […]


Quit tip: Stretch out the time between cigarettes

The best quit tips come from people who have already quit smoking. This quit tip was sent to us by Diane Kerr, a Wurundjeri woman who has been smokefree for two year! Diane says it helped her to delay the time between cigarettes.  So if you usually smoke every 2 hours, then try stretching it […]


Blog Day 12 – Catherine Solomon ‘The rest of my life’

By quitting smoking I have better chances of having kids, younger looking skin, whiter teeth, cleaner looking fingernails, better breathing and less stress. I am saving up to $120 every two weeks. My money is spent on things I don’t already have, things I really need and fun things; like going out to the cinemas […]


Myth: Smoking keeps me thin

Myth: Smoking keeps me thin. Fact: Exercise and diet keep you thin, not smoking. Did you know smoking can actually cause cellulite, because it stops the blood flowing in your capillaries and damages the connective tissue? Cigarettes also weaken your skin which can create the ‘orange peel’ look of cellulite. Some people find that they put on […]

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A yummy brekky instead of your morning smoke

Research shows that having a cigarette as soon as you wake means you’re more likely to get cancer. Try and delay that first cigarette of the day by making something delicious for breakfast. How about this delicious egg and avocado toasted sandwich? With THIS to look forward to, why would you need a cigarette in […]


Morning smoking is the most dangerous

The sooner a person smokes a cigarette after they wake up, the more likely they are to get lung cancer or mouth cancer, according to new research If the first thing you reach for when you wake up is a cigarette – think again! Try delaying that first cigarette of the day. Get up, have […]