MYTH: Cold turkey is the only way to quit

MYTH: Quitting “cold turkey” is the only way to go. FACT: Cold turkey means you stop smoking overnight without any assistance. It can work for some people, but smokers are more likely to succeed at quitting if they get support.  Only 4 people in every 100 that try to quit on their own without support make […]


MYTH: Smoking relaxes me

MYTH: Smoking relaxes me. FACT: Smoking increases your heart rate and pushes up your blood pressure. A study has shown that ex-smokers feel less stress and anxiety than smokers. Although you might feel some stress when you first quit smoking, if you can push through the cravings and stay quit, in the long-run you’ll have […]

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Hangin’ in Newy

I’m currently in Newcastle at my mum in laws house. Newy (as the locals call it) is a cool place with hip shops to visit, nice buildings and interesting places to see. The coast line is beautiful with great beaches and waves to ride. My mum lives smack bang in the middle of town and it […]

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It’s all about the music

I still surf and play sport but my main passion is MUSIC. I have been singing since I was born. In fact, mum says I was probably harmonising with her from the womb. I’m looking forward to playing at the No Smokes gig in Redfern on 16 May. It’s a free event and EVERYONE is […]

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Indigenous hip hop artist promotes quitting to youth

Personal experiences of smoking, quitting and how smoking is affecting communities will play out on social media as part of a road trip for a group of leading Indigenous musicians. Members of the Indigenous health project, No Smokes, will join a crew of Bundjalung musicians from the northern New South Wales coast on a road trip from […]


Blakboi’s story…

Hey peoples, this is Tom Avery aka Blakboi and I live on the beautiful NSW North Coast. Lismore is my home on the Bundjalung Nation and I would like to acknowldge the traditional owners of this area and surrounds and also the elders of this  land, past, present and future. I have been asked by […]

Gamilaroi man and hip hop artist, Blakboi, is our guest blogger for May 2013.

On tour with Blakboi

No Smokes is going on tour with a crew of Bundjalung musicians (north NSW coast) who are driving from Lismore, NSW to Torquay, Victoria, performing shows along the way from 11 – 31  May 2013. Hip hop artist, Blakboi , will be on the tour, and will be uploading video diaries and blogs over the two […]


Be our next guest blogger

Are you an Indigenous Australian aged 12 – 25 years? Do you want to try blogging? We’re looking for guest bloggers, and there is some cool stuff in it for you! No Smokes is looking for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to write about the impact that smoking has on them, their friends and […]


Quit champion, Luke!

Teacher, Aboriginal education consultant,  and social media dude, Luke Pearson, was our first guest blogger in December 2012. Luke is originally from Wagga Wagga, but now lives in Sydney, and had been a smoker for many years when he started blogging for No Smokes as part of a 20 day quit smoking challenge. Luke is still […]

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Bust this Myth

MYTH: Tobacco is a natural plant, so cigarettes can’t be harmful. FACT: Tobacco companies add more than 4,000 chemicals to cigarettes. ONE OF THE CHEMICALS IN CIGARETTES IS FORMALDEHYDE. If you don’t know what formaldehyde is…. it’s used to preserve dead animals, in case you didn’t guess from the photo.

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Covering warning labels?

Covering up the warning label won’t hide the real damage Have you noticed smokers trying to cover up the graphic photo on their cigarette packets? Are you a smoker who does this? Putting a mobile phone on top of the pack, putting stickers over the photo and using liquid paper are some methods that smokers […]