personal horror story

You own personal horror movie

Who needs to watch horror movies when there are ads like this! This new UK anti-smoking ad looks like a horror movie. The cigarette grows a tumour! A tumour is caused when you inhale cigarettes that cause mutations in your body. These mutations turn into tumours, an can make you very sick.  The No Smokes […]


The truth is hard to look at

Plain pack cigarettes are on the shelves, if you haven’t noticed! It’s now illegal to sell cigarettes in packets with logos or branding, and all cigarettes are sold in packets that are a dirty green colour. Another big change is that the warning label and photographs take up most of the pack. The photographs are […]


Can you smell something?

After 2 weeks off cigarettes, your sense of smell will be returning, and you’ll be enjoying food more too, as your tastebuds are getting back to normal. Look at this timeline that shows the benefits of quitting after 1 day, 1 week, 1 month etc. Getting a better sense of smell is definitely an incentive! […]

cup of tea

Quit tip: Break your habit

If you usually have a coffee and a cigarette first thing in the morning, then even the smell of coffee can make you crave a smoke. Try switching to tea for a few weeks to break the association. Sometimes it’s the social routines and habits (like having a cigarette after dinner, or a cigarette with […]


Luke Day 20 Last day

Yaama dhiiyaan, Today is the last day of my quit journey with No Smokes But definitely NOT the last day of my Quit journey!! Thanks for letting me share the last couple of weeks with you all. Thank you for your support, encouragement and tips! Good luck to those of you who are trying to […]

how to quit

Luke Day 17 Tips for staying quit

Hanging around smokers tonight… I thought this would be much harder than it is, but I have a little trick. I go out when they are already a minute or so in and the smell is at its worst. I noticed that when I watched someone light up it made me think I wanted one, […]

Guest Blogger

Luke Day 13

Day 13… but it was not as scary as it sounds. I’ve thought of myself as a smoker for so long that it had become a part of my identity… A part of my rebellious streak perhaps. But I am starting to realise that giving money to corporations I do not support to continue making […]


Luke Day 12 Staying strong

2 days to go and it’ll be two weeks without a smoke!! Starting to think I might actually make it through the other side I spoke to a friend today who told me that they once quit for 5 years and then started up again for no real reason whatsoever… which was a pretty sobering […]


Luke Day 11 Smells

A bit over a week without smoking and I can finally smell things again, which is great!! Which is NOT to say that everything smells great… I can smell a smoker at 20 paces now and am pretty disgusted to think that I smelled like that for the majority of the past 2 decades. Also, […]


Luke Day 7 Benefits of quitting

We know that ‘every smoke is doing you damage’, but did you know as soon as you stop smoking, your body starts healing? In 20 minutes your blood pressure and heart rate drop. After 8 hours there’s more oxygen in your blood so it flows better. Your breath won’t stink anymore. In 5 days almost […]

Guest Blogger

Luke Day 6 Being healthy

Only a couple of days left until I have made it a whole week!!! Realising how unfit and unhealthy I am is proving to be a big motivator in not taking up smokes again. I want to be fit!! I want to be healthy!! I don’t mean I want gym sculpted abs, I just mean […]


Luke Day 4 I’m not a smoker

Day 4: Still getting the urges, but they have much less sting to them now… it’s more just putting my hand in my pocket and realising there aren’t any smokes in them because I’m not a smoker. I’m not a smoker… Starting to think about quitting not just in terms of not having the next […]


Luke Day 2 Smoking calculator

2 days down and going strong! They say the nicotine withdrawal is worst in the first 48 hours, so glad I am over the initial hump. Still thinking about smoking, but am also thinking about the advantages of not smoking. Better health, $, vision, $, taste, $… $$!! I used the calculator over at No Smokes… […]

how to quit

Luke Day 1 Quit Day

Today is my Quit Day!! So far so good Yesterday I threw out all of the ashtrays, matches and anything else that I thought might trigger the urge for a smoke. I told my friends and family that I am quitting and asked for whatever support they can give me. (If you want advise on […]


Introducing Luke Pearson

Hi everyone, I’m Luke and I’m going to be taking over the No Smokes Facebook and Twitter accounts for the next few weeks. I’m 32 and have been a smoker for the past 19 years. Recently I decided I didn’t want to become a 20 year smoker by the time I’m 33… Tomorrow is Quit Day. I’m going […]