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Blog day 3 – Catherine Solomon ‘My life as a smoker’

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Catherine Solomon is a 17 y.o. student from Warriappendi School in Adelaide, and is our guest blogger for July.

“My life as a smoker brought me down as I had less money on me because I spent it on cigarettes, when I should’ve been buying things I really need.

How much smoking was costing me a week: $60

I was surrounded by a lot of smokers; both my parents being smokers, my family and most of my friends being smokers too.

My appearance started to change; I began to get bags under my eyes, my teeth were constantly yellow and dirty and my fingernails were slowly changing to a yellowy colour.

When smoking started to be prominent in my appearance I started to worry that my parents would discover my smoking habit. This caused more stressed, and I smoked to combat stress so I was becoming stuck in a cycle.

My outlook on life at that very moment was that I needed to do something about it, but it was so addictive. Trying to quit was hard but the health impacts outweighed the need to smoke as I have had asthma for the majority of my life.”

Use the Smoking Calculator to work out how much YOU are spending on cigarettes:

Watch this video to see how smoking affects how you look

Catherine Solomon is a Year 11 student at Warriappendi School in Adelaide. Catherine is the No Smokes guest blogger for July, sharing her experience of smoking and quitting with us. Read Catherine’s other blog posts here:

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