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Blog day 1 – Catherine Solomon ‘My smoking history’

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My smoking history, by Catherine Solomon.

I started smoking early this year because of peer pressure. I was always around a big gang of people who smoked. They were all good people, just being around them made me feel like I should join them in whatever they were doing; smoking, drinking, not going to school, going to parties and getting into other bad habits. So that’s what I started to do, I started drinking alcohol, partying and I just stopped going to school.

I was getting so addicted to smoking that I spent money on a packet of smokes every day, but yet I was also supplying other people with cigarettes, which is a waste of money when you think about it.

At this moment in my life both my mother and father had no idea that I was even smoking. By not going to school, drinking alcohol and smoking a lot. I was far behind my school work, my body was unhealthy and I started to feel depressed. I felt like I was getting no where in life.

Age started smoking: 16

Amount of cigarettes a day: 12

How much it was costing me a week: $60

Time spent with smoking as part of my life before I took action: 4320 hours!!!

Catherine Solomon is a Year 11 student at Warriappendi School in Adelaide. Catherine is the No Smokes guest blogger for July, sharing her experience of smoking and quitting with us. Read Catherine’s other blog posts here:

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