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Live Healthy, Live Strong – Smoke Free, the way to be

A bit about my work: My name is Lekisha and I’m the acting Regional Tobacco Coordinator for Central Australian Aboriginal Congress’ Healthy Lifestyle & Tobacco Cessation Program in Alice Springs. Our Program aims to encourage Aboriginal people of the Central Australian region to quit smoking, eat healthy and get fit through the promotion of important […]

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Three month smoke-free!

Giving up smoking has made such a positive impact on my health and wellbeing. Getting fit has made me feel great and my skin is bright and clear – and I can even walk up a flight of stairs without puffing. PLUS I have extra cash in my pocket! Also, since quitting and getting into […]

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Theresa Paterson – The slip-up!

Since my last blog entry, I caught up with some of my mates over a social drink (all smokers!) and I admit that the cravings to smoke with them kicked in hard. In the back of my head, I knew that if I was going to have a night out with my friends who smoke, […]

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Theresa Paterson – On the road again

Last week, I set off on the road again to regional Victoria with my colleague Cherie Waight, Senior Project Officer of the Palliative Care  program. We visited some of the local Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs) and met with the local Koori Mental Health Liaison Worker’s in Shepparton and then stopped in for a yarn with […]


Theresa Paterson – Staying Positive

I have now replaced my bad habit, which was almost like a hobby, with exercise (that’s me getting ready to shoot some hoops). At times I can feel down and almost depressed (must be all the toxins leaving my body) so having found something active to do helps heaps now that I’m not smoking. People […]

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Melanie Herdman – Smoking & Family

I asked most of the family why they smoked in the first place and they all said they were taught by older friends and family. Now I think that teenagers and even younger ages about 10 are doing it because they think it’s fun. A lot of times I have heard family and friends wanting […]

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Melanie Herdman – Smoking & Friends

Most of my friends smoke. I remember one afternoon when I was about 13 or 14 years old.  I  went down to the beach and played softball with the other kids in the community. Two of my friends started talking about smoking and why people do it. One of them thought it was fun and […]

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Sekur Clayton – Quitting smoking

Throughout high school I always told myself, “I don’t need a cigarette, I want a cigarette”. It wasn’t until I tried to kick the habit that I realised that that I really need a cigarette and don’t want one. The first time I tried to quit smoking, I went out with friends and they were […]

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Sekur Clayton – A lecture from my dad…

My parents didn’t know that I was smoking; well maybe they had an idea but just didn’t want to believe it. I went to my dad’s after school one day and asked him if he could drop me home (as I was living at my brother’s house). My dad lives in a upstairs house, as […]