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Blog Day 12 – Catherine Solomon ‘The rest of my life’

By quitting smoking I have better chances of having kids, younger looking skin, whiter teeth, cleaner looking fingernails, better breathing and less stress. I am saving up to $120 every two weeks. My money is spent on things I don’t already have, things I really need and fun things; like going out to the cinemas […]

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Blog day 3 – Catherine Solomon ‘My life as a smoker’

Catherine Solomon is a 17 y.o. student from Warriappendi School in Adelaide, and is our guest blogger for July. “My life as a smoker brought me down as I had less money on me because I spent it on cigarettes, when I should’ve been buying things I really need. How much smoking was costing me […]

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Blog day 1 – Catherine Solomon ‘My smoking history’

My smoking history, by Catherine Solomon. I started smoking early this year because of peer pressure. I was always around a big gang of people who smoked. They were all good people, just being around them made me feel like I should join them in whatever they were doing; smoking, drinking, not going to school, […]