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Sekur Clayton Guest Blogger – Smoking & Money

When I was in year ten (aged 16), my third year of full time smoking, I noticed that it was becoming expensive to keep this habit. I reassessed what I spent my money on. At that time in my life, I would always be on the phone to my ex-boyfriend. Credit would cost me $30 […]

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Sekur Clayton – My first cigarette

I was sitting there, lit up the smoke and continued to take a drag, all eyes were on me to see if I knew what I was doing. I have never in my life coughed so much that it hurt. Everyone laughed as they do! I was so embarrassed; I made a promise to myself […]


Sekur Clayton Guest Blogger: ‘Experimenting’

In year six, I would’ve been around the age of 12. My friend had a sleep over at her grandmother’s place, at the back of the house there was a plant (I can’t remember the name of the plant) but if you ripped out the stems and lit them up, you can inhale and exhale […]

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“I always thought I was in control”

Introducing the No Smokes Guest Blogger for September…. Sekur Clayton Sekur is a 19-year-old Aboriginal woman from Darwin, who now lives in Canberra where she works for the the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations on a program that helps people in remote communities to get jobs. Sekur comes from a big family, and […]


No Smokes on TV

Remember the awesome tour that hip hop artist, Blakboi , did for No Smokes back in May 2013? You know the one… where he performed at Redfern Community Centre , and then also competed in the Indigenous Men’s Surf Titles in Bells Beach. Well, footage from that tour, as well some other great stuff filmed at the surf titles, […]


Blog Day 12 – Catherine Solomon ‘The rest of my life’

By quitting smoking I have better chances of having kids, younger looking skin, whiter teeth, cleaner looking fingernails, better breathing and less stress. I am saving up to $120 every two weeks. My money is spent on things I don’t already have, things I really need and fun things; like going out to the cinemas […]

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Blog day 3 – Catherine Solomon ‘My life as a smoker’

Catherine Solomon is a 17 y.o. student from Warriappendi School in Adelaide, and is our guest blogger for July. “My life as a smoker brought me down as I had less money on me because I spent it on cigarettes, when I should’ve been buying things I really need. How much smoking was costing me […]

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Blog day 1 – Catherine Solomon ‘My smoking history’

My smoking history, by Catherine Solomon. I started smoking early this year because of peer pressure. I was always around a big gang of people who smoked. They were all good people, just being around them made me feel like I should join them in whatever they were doing; smoking, drinking, not going to school, […]


Who’s really in control?

In this blog, I want to talk about the history of tobacco. Tobacco has been used to control vulnerable  and lower socio-economic groups for hundreds of years, including being used to control (ab)Original people. Tailored cigarettes were introduced by european settlers to (ab)Original people when they arrived in 1788. In the decades that followed, (ab)Original […]


Blakboi joins The Long Walk – 25 May

Welcome peeps. Today I find myself in the Australian state of Victoria. It’s a beautiful sunny day down here in Melbourne (oh no, it just got cloudy) and I am sitting in the middle of Federation Square (it just started raining). “Fed square” as its known to the local folk is the ultimate meeting place […]