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Luke Day 6 Being healthy

Only a couple of days left until I have made it a whole week!!! Realising how unfit and unhealthy I am is proving to be a big motivator in not taking up smokes again. I want to be fit!! I want to be healthy!! I don’t mean I want gym sculpted abs, I just mean […]


Luke Day 4 I’m not a smoker

Day 4: Still getting the urges, but they have much less sting to them now… it’s more just putting my hand in my pocket and realising there aren’t any smokes in them because I’m not a smoker. I’m not a smoker… Starting to think about quitting not just in terms of not having the next […]


Luke Day 2 Smoking calculator

2 days down and going strong! They say the nicotine withdrawal is worst in the first 48 hours, so glad I am over the initial hump. Still thinking about smoking, but am also thinking about the advantages of not smoking. Better health, $, vision, $, taste, $… $$!! I used the calculator over at No Smokes… […]

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Luke Day 1 Quit Day

Today is my Quit Day!! So far so good Yesterday I threw out all of the ashtrays, matches and anything else that I thought might trigger the urge for a smoke. I told my friends and family that I am quitting and asked for whatever support they can give me. (If you want advise on […]


Introducing Luke Pearson

Hi everyone, I’m Luke and I’m going to be taking over the No Smokes Facebook and Twitter accounts for the next few weeks. I’m 32 and have been a smoker for the past 19 years. Recently I decided I didn’t want to become a 20 year smoker by the time I’m 33… Tomorrow is Quit Day. I’m going […]