Halloween masks show effects of smoking

halloween mask big

If you really want to scare someone when you go trick-or-treating this Halloween, you could try one of these disgusting masks that show how smoking can make you look.

Special effects experts used the photos from cigarette packet warning labels to make these masks, which show what mouth and throat cancers look like, as well as eye disease and teeth and mouth disease.

This video shows actors wearing the masks walking around cities and scaring smokers by showing them the dangers of their addictive habit.

One mask has a scary hole in its neck, which represents the result of a tracheostomy, which is an operation needed if someone has  throat, neck or head cancers.

Stop smoking campaign

The masks also show the damage done to eyes through smoking, including cataracts.

Another mask shows a victim of throat cancer, which has invaded deeper tissues, with raw flesh and muscle exposed on the neck. 

The man’s grey hair is the result of added stress on his body, while crows feet around his eyes are brought on by squinting to protect his eyes from smoke fumes.

halloween mask man

The female mask shows skin damage to her lips, which is a sign of mouth cancer.

The mask also shows sagging and wrinkling skin due to smoking, as the collagen that plumps the skin disappears.

Her hair is shown to be thinning and grey as the result of damage to the DNA of the hair follicles, as well as a reduced supply of blood to the follicles.





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