It’s all about the music

blakboi photo

I still surf and play sport but my main passion is MUSIC.

I have been singing since I was born. In fact, mum says I was probably harmonising with her from the womb. I’m looking forward to playing at the No Smokes gig in Redfern on 16 May. It’s a free event and EVERYONE is invited:

I currently perform under the name BLAKBOI. My main reason for using this name is because of Australia’s current stance on poitical correctness and it is fun to see certain people’s faces when they say it (if they can).

Secondly because of my time in the bush with my dad and sisters (funny, mum would never come for bush walks, and hated sand). My final reason is because of Coloured Stone’s (Yung Warriors) song Black Boy.

I am a one-man band that uses live loops, instruments and samples to create full band compositions. On stage I have turntables, drums, percussion, guitars, keyboard, dij, voice and sample triggers.  My style varies depending on the event. From slow power ballads to heavy dance tracks, there is always something you’ll love.