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Luke Day 6 Being healthy

Only a couple of days left until I have made it a whole week!!!

Realising how unfit and unhealthy I am is proving to be a big motivator in not taking up smokes again.

I want to be fit!!

I want to be healthy!!

I don’t mean I want gym sculpted abs, I just mean that I want to be able to walk for a few kilometres without feeling like death is at my heels. I want to get excited at the idea of a trip to the beach, or for a game of whatever, not immediately start thinking of excuses “Sorry, I’d love to come, but I’ve got to sit here and smoke all of these cigarettes and eat all of this fatty food”

So far I am walking again, which has always been my biggest source of exercise, and eating breakfast as well. I’ve never been a big brekky eater so that is taking some getting used to.

More than anything though, not smoking has me made aware of my health, of my habits, of my strengths and weaknesses… what I do with that information now that I have it is up to me, but it would be a massive let down to myself if I go back to smoking, fatty foods and inactivity…