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Luke Day 1 Quit Day

how to quit

Today is my Quit Day!! So far so good :)

Yesterday I threw out all of the ashtrays, matches and anything else that I thought might trigger the urge for a smoke.

I told my friends and family that I am quitting and asked for whatever support they can give me. (If you want advise on how to support someone who is quitting, check this out: )

Today I replaced my morning smoke and coffee with a bowl of cereal and a walk. Didn’t really fill that ‘craving’, but it did feel pretty good!

They say after 20 mins your blood pressure has already
dropped. There’s more oxygen in your blood so it flows

Four hours after quitting, the nicotine level in your
blood halves

In 8 hours your breath won’t stink anymore.

*breathes in hand* Hmmm, not bad… but that might just be from all the mentos I’m having instead of smoking 😉