Meditate on this… and smoke less cigarettes


Meditation worked like magic to reduce cigarette cravings for people who weren’t even planning to quit, according to new research. The research participants were recruited to try out meditation, but weren’t told that it would have an impact on their smoking. When they were surveyed a few weeks later about how they were feeling about the meditation, many of them reported that they were smoking less, and hadn’t even been aware of the change in their behaviour.

Just spending some quiet time allowing your mind to be still works on the same brain pathways that trigger the cravings. Clever, eh?

The US study found that after a few hours of meditation, smokers puffed less, and felt less need to light up. One smoker reported that they were smoking half the number of cigarettes than there did when they weren’t meditating.

And if you think that meditation is about sitting cross-legged on the top of a mountain and saying  ‘ommmm’, then think again. Meditation is just a way of focussing your thinking so that you block out all the stuff that’s around you.

You can meditate in your bedroom, in the park, on the bus…. just maybe don’t do it at school while you’re in class!

Here’s a link to the research:,0,900850.story