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Melanie Herdman – “I promised myself I would never smoke”

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Everyone in my family smokes. I use to learn about the effects of smoking at school and share it with everyone at home thinking I would make a change. I got angry at my cousins who tried to smoke and thought it was fun.

My aunty’s said that they would think about giving up because they were scared of what what I told them and some said “what’s the point, I’ve been smoking for years so it’s already done damage.” I promised myself that I would never smoke!

It makes me sad to see more of my younger relatives starting smoking. Having only myself as a role model in my family it’s hard to convince them not to smoke when everyone else is doing it.  I thought by blogging for No Smokes it might be an interesting way to share my information and views and get advise and help from others.

Melanie Herdman, 25 years old (Background info: ).

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Melanie Herdman is a 25 year old Aboriginal woman, who lives in Gunyangara, a remote community in NorthEast Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.  She is a non-smoker and wants to share her views on growing up as a non-smoker, and touch on the topic of passive smoking and children.

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