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Melanie Herdman – Smoking & Friends

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Most of my friends smoke.

I remember one afternoon when I was about 13 or 14 years old.  I  went down to the beach and played softball with the other kids in the community. Two of my friends started talking about smoking and why people do it. One of them thought it was fun and tried it.  She kept smoking all the way through school.

I used to get a lot of pressure from my friends  when they first started smoking but then they respected me when I told them I didn’t want to smoke. They even smoked away from me because they knew I hated the smell of cigarettes!

Now I think that teenagers and even kids as young as 10 are doing it because they think its fun.  This makes me really sad.

Melanie Herdman, 25 years old (Background info: ).

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Melanie Herdman is a 25 year old Aboriginal woman, who lives in Gunyangara, a remote community in NorthEast Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.  She is a non-smoker and wants to share her views on growing up as a non-smoker, and touch on the topic of passive smoking and children.

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