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Quit tip – play exciting games to reduce cravings

If you are trying to quit smoking then one tactic to reduce nicotine cravings is to engage in new exciting cooperative games or puzzles, suggests a recent study titled “An fMRI Study of Nicotine-Deprived Smokers’ Reactivity to Smoking Cues during Novel/Exciting Activity” . In the study, the team tested their theory with the use of fMRI brain scanning during the cooperative game playing. The games were randomised between […]

Raglan Maddox, CEO of Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service Julie Tongs and Dr Ray Lovett will present their research internationally on the health effects of smoking in the indigenous community. Photo: Jay Cronan

Research shows best quit aid is family example

If you are a smoker you can have a great effect in your community by quitting and being an example to your family and friends. Research at Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service at Narrabundah in the ACT found that 92% of indigenous smokers want to quit smoking, and seeing friends and family successfully quit has the […]

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NZ Maori want to be first indigenous smoke free

Kiri Danielle speaks with NZ Minister Hon. Tariana Turia about the Maori becoming the first indigenous nation to voluntarily become smoke free. She encourages young people to have the faith and self belief that things can change and that they can be the champions of that change. What an inspiring message for indigenous young people […]


What’s the deal with e-cigarettes?

You may have heard people talking about using electronic cigarettes (also called e-cigarettes or e-cigs) as a way to try to quit smoking. But they are illegal and could be dangerous. Here are a few things you should know about e-cigarettes: 1. An e-cigarette is a battery operated device that contains nicotine. The nicotine is […]


Staying quit over the holidays

The silly season is well and truly upon us: with parties everywhere we look. It’s also a time of the year in which emotions like stress and sadness tend to emerge ( not to mention too much booze)  – all of which can make us start smoking again long after we’ve quit. To help you […]


Smokers are three times more likely to die

New research has shown that smoking is even worse for you that we thought. In he past it was estimated that half of all smokers will die because of their habit, but it’s now believed around 2 out of every 3 smokers will die early. The study followed 200,000 smokers over four years and found […]

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Halloween masks show effects of smoking

If you really want to scare someone when you go trick-or-treating this Halloween, you could try one of these disgusting masks that show how smoking can make you look. Special effects experts used the photos from cigarette packet warning labels to make these masks, which show what mouth and throat cancers look like, as well as […]

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Make this Father’s Day a smoke free day

We all know what a big influence our parents have on our behaviour. If you’re a dad, think about what your smoking says to your kids. If you’re not ready to quit, try making this Fathers Day a smoke-free day to show that there is a healthy way of living. Together, family and friends can […]


Meditate on this… and smoke less cigarettes

Meditation worked like magic to reduce cigarette cravings for people who weren’t even planning to quit, according to new research. The research participants were recruited to try out meditation, but weren’t told that it would have an impact on their smoking. When they were surveyed a few weeks later about how they were feeling about […]

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Smoking rates higher in remote communities

(The above image is from  National Rural Health Alliance  ) If you live in a remote or rural part of Australia, you’re more likely to smoke. That’s a fact. You can see from the picture above that only 15% of people in cities are smokers, and in remote areas, more than 25% smoke.  In remote Aboriginal communities, the rates […]


No Smokes on TV

Remember the awesome tour that hip hop artist, Blakboi , did for No Smokes back in May 2013? You know the one… where he performed at Redfern Community Centre , and then also competed in the Indigenous Men’s Surf Titles in Bells Beach. Well, footage from that tour, as well some other great stuff filmed at the surf titles, […]


Quit tip: Stretch out the time between cigarettes

The best quit tips come from people who have already quit smoking. This quit tip was sent to us by Diane Kerr, a Wurundjeri woman who has been smokefree for two year! Diane says it helped her to delay the time between cigarettes.  So if you usually smoke every 2 hours, then try stretching it […]


Morning smoking is the most dangerous

The sooner a person smokes a cigarette after they wake up, the more likely they are to get lung cancer or mouth cancer, according to new research If the first thing you reach for when you wake up is a cigarette – think again! Try delaying that first cigarette of the day. Get up, have […]


Fact: Secondhand smoke in a car is like being in a bushfire

Sitting in a car with a smoker for 10 minutes will expose you to the same levels of smoke that a firefighter would get when fighting a bushfire for 4-8 hours. When you smoke inside a car, the secondhand smoke is thick and strong because it can’t escape, even when you have the windows down. […]