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News: Tobacco ads spark teen smoking

The more tobacco advertising teenagers see, the more likely they are to start smoking, according to a new study . Every 10 tobacco ads that teens view increases their risk of starting to smoke by nearly 40%! Young people can be easily influenced, and tobacco companies use marketing and advertising to make smoking look really cool. But […]


Fact: Quitting smoking will help you run faster!

FACT: Quitting smoking will help increase the oxygen in your blood, and your muscles will become stronger & healthier. This means that you’ll be able to perform better on the sports field (or dance floor!) So if you want to run faster, shoot hoops better, or kick the footy further, stop smoking! Just one day […]

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Quit tip: Make a date and stick to it

If you’re thinking about quitting smoking, make a date and start planning towards it. Some people find there’s too much pressure in quitting on New Year’s Day, so maybe choose a date a month or two down the track. The main thing is that you choose a date and then stick to it. Tell your […]


Using No Smokes in the classroom

Do you teach students in upper primary and secondary school? Are you looking for culturally relevant lesson plans relating to the national curriculum (health, science, english, maths, history) to engage your students? Teachers are in a powerful position to use No Smokes videos and games to create classroom activities to highlight the impact of tobacco […]


MYTH: Smoking relaxes me

MYTH: Smoking relaxes me. FACT: Smoking increases your heart rate and pushes up your blood pressure. A study has shown that ex-smokers feel less stress and anxiety than smokers. Although you might feel some stress when you first quit smoking, if you can push through the cravings and stay quit, in the long-run you’ll have […]

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Indigenous hip hop artist promotes quitting to youth

Personal experiences of smoking, quitting and how smoking is affecting communities will play out on social media as part of a road trip for a group of leading Indigenous musicians. Members of the Indigenous health project, No Smokes, will join a crew of Bundjalung musicians from the northern New South Wales coast on a road trip from […]

Gamilaroi man and hip hop artist, Blakboi, is our guest blogger for May 2013.

On tour with Blakboi

No Smokes is going on tour with a crew of Bundjalung musicians (north NSW coast) who are driving from Lismore, NSW to Torquay, Victoria, performing shows along the way from 11 – 31  May 2013. Hip hop artist, Blakboi , will be on the tour, and will be uploading video diaries and blogs over the two […]

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Covering warning labels?

Covering up the warning label won’t hide the real damage Have you noticed smokers trying to cover up the graphic photo on their cigarette packets? Are you a smoker who does this? Putting a mobile phone on top of the pack, putting stickers over the photo and using liquid paper are some methods that smokers […]

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You own personal horror movie

Who needs to watch horror movies when there are ads like this! This new UK anti-smoking ad looks like a horror movie. The cigarette grows a tumour! A tumour is caused when you inhale cigarettes that cause mutations in your body. These mutations turn into tumours, an can make you very sick.  The No Smokes […]


The truth is hard to look at

Plain pack cigarettes are on the shelves, if you haven’t noticed! It’s now illegal to sell cigarettes in packets with logos or branding, and all cigarettes are sold in packets that are a dirty green colour. Another big change is that the warning label and photographs take up most of the pack. The photographs are […]