Guest Blogger

Quit champion, Luke!


Teacher, Aboriginal education consultant,  and social media dude, Luke Pearson, was our first guest blogger in December 2012.

Luke is originally from Wagga Wagga, but now lives in Sydney, and had been a smoker for many years when he started blogging for No Smokes as part of a 20 day quit smoking challenge. Luke is still on the path to a smokefree future. You can go back and read over his posts using the links on the left.

In his words, “blogging about my quit efforts was a great way to get support from the social media community. Whenever I felt like having a cigarette, I’d send a tweet instead and was amazed at how many people would respond to help me fight off the craving.”

If you would like to be a guest blogger for No Smokes please contact us at

If you’d like to know more about Luke Pearson, you can read his blog: or get involved with his very excellent Twitter movement @IndigenousX (which stands for Indigenous excellence!)