Helping Others Quit

It is good to encourage your friends and family to quit smoking without judging them or making them feel bad.  Give them some information from this website, and recognise that it is really hard to quit smoking. Let them know you will give them support to do it. Offer to listen to them whenever they are craving a cigarette. You can take their mind off the smokes by doing other healthier activities with them, like playing sport, or going for a walk.

One of the other things is to change the way people think about smoking.

Smoking is not a ‘normal’ part of family life, homes and culture.

A good way to do this is to make ‘smoke free zones’ such as the house and car. You could make a little sign to let people know, and remind people they can’t light up in places where other people breath in their second hand smoke. It can help smokers to cut down the amount of cigarettes they smoke each day, so it’s good for them too.