Smoking rates higher in remote communities

rural vs city smokers hi res

(The above image is from National Rural Health Alliance )

If you live in a remote or rural part of Australia, you’re more likely to smoke. That’s a fact. You can see from the picture above that only 15% of people in cities are smokers, and in remote areas, more than 25% smoke.  In remote Aboriginal communities, the rates are much much higher – closer to 70% of Aboriginal people smoke rate in some remote communities.

So we know that people in big cities are less likely to smoke, and smoking rates increase the further away you get from cities.

Why is that? There are lots of reasons. Often there is less health education available in remote areas to teach people about the impact of smoking. Being bored and using smoking as a way to ‘socialise’ are other reasons that people smoke.

rural vs city smokers - whole pic