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Sekur Clayton Guest Blogger: ‘Experimenting’


In year six, I would’ve been around the age of 12. My friend had a sleep over at her grandmother’s place, at the back of the house there was a plant (I can’t remember the name of the plant) but if you ripped out the stems and lit them up, you can inhale and exhale smoke, because the stems are hollow.

We thought we were deadly, sitting there pretending to smoke cigarettes like our parents and other family members would. Little did I know this would be my first step to picking up smoking. After that night I noticed that the same plant that we ‘smoked’ grew in my back yard, I then would regularly sit outside and pretend to have a ciggy. This carried on throughout year six and seven.

Smoking was never promoted nor demoted in my house whilst growing up. My mother and one older brother were the only adults that I knew that didn’t smoke. Everyone else did. It felt to me like they had a forbidden fruit that I wasn’t allowed to have, which of course only made me want to have it more.

Sekur Clayton, 19 years old  ( Background info:

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Sekur Clayton is a 19 year old woman from Darwin (currently living in Canberra) who is our Guest Blogger for September. She has been a smoker since she was 14 years old, when she started smoking to join the ‘cool’ gang at her new school. She never thought she was addicted, until she tried to give up.

Sekur will be sharing her experience of smoking, the difficulty she has had in quitting, and how family and school have influenced her during September with a new post every few days.

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