Sorry Day 2013 in the words of Blakboi

aboriginal flag
Yo people – how is ur day going?

I’m feeling so good today. I have just been visiting Ulladulla. For those of you that dont know where that is – good! It’s a quiet place and that’s the way the locals like it.

I was surfing this morning at one of my favourite spots and as I kicked out of a wave I thought about some things I had learnt recently.

I performed at Sorry Day celebrations at Southern Cross University, Tweed Heads, recently, and learnt about how culture is being stolen from so many young (ab)Originals in the child protection system.

My teacher that day was guest speaker , Professor Judy Atkinson,  and she spoke of generational trauma and the impacts of the white invasion on today’s (ab)Original youth.

Below is a summary of her Sorry Day Speech in her own words:

Hello, I am Judy Atkinson and I am a Jiman (yeeman or eoman) woman.
The theme of this years Sorry Day was living on borrowed time. While recognising our Elders and older people who having been separated by the state from their families and communities, we also must consider the increasing number of Aboriginal children who are being removed today, under child protection policies. The child protection system is broken. The Australian Nation is living on borrowed time when it cannot adequately respond to the needs of children living in situations of generational trauma, within families who, for whatever reason, are unable to provide safe homes and communities for their children. Children need healing services which are trauma informed, within an understanding that culture heals. Hence the need to embed culture as a core component in all children’s services.

This made me think… What else throughout history has been used to control us?

TV, newspaper, magazines, the internet, drugs, alcohol, police, teachers, laws, governments…. and cigraettes.


Pretty much everything one way or another…