Staying quit over the holidays


The silly season is well and truly upon us: with parties everywhere we look. It’s also a time of the year in which emotions like stress and sadness tend to emerge ( not to mention too much booze)  – all of which can make us start smoking again long after we’ve quit.

To help you stay quit we’ve put together some  tips on how to stay off the smokes over the holidays.

Avoid spicy and sugary foods
Both of these tend to make you crave cigarettes more.

Snack healthy
Have slices of watermelon, frozen grapes or other fruit handy. Snack on these to keep your mouth fresh & you won’t look for a cigarette. Carrot sticks and apples are also quick and easy snacks.

Stay away from alcohol
We know, easier said than done! Try mocktails or tropical juices to curb the urge to light up when drinking.

Get moving!
Physical activity helps relieve stress and the urge to smoke so get moving. Kick the footy, find a dance floor, go for a run, head to the beach … whatever makes you feel good.

Take each day as it comes
When you wake up each morning, make the promise to yourself that you won’t smoke a cigarette that day. A day at a time makes things seem more manageable.

Relaxation exercises can help relieve your urge to smoke. Take a deep breath, hold it for a second, then release it very slowly. Or, stand up and stretch while you take a few deep breaths. Remember, the urge to smoke is only temporary. It will pass.

Get support
If you’re really struggling talk to your friends, family, local Aboriginal Medical Service or GP. You’re more likely to stay off the smokes for good if you have support.

We’d love to hear from you. What’s your quit tip for staying off the smokes over the holidays?