Quit tip: Stretch out the time between cigarettes


The best quit tips come from people who have already quit smoking. This quit tip was sent to us by Diane Kerr, a Wurundjeri woman who has been smokefree for two year! Diane says it helped her to delay the time between cigarettes.  So if you usually smoke every 2 hours, then try stretching it out to 2 1/2 hours. Then 3 hours, etc.

Diane says, “I always tried to make sure there was at least 12 hours from my last until my first smoke and then gradually made it longer.  It’s been two years since my last!!!!

“I live in Narre Warren, Victoria, and my mob is Wurundjeri. I smoked for about 25 yearrs.

“I quit for many reasons, I didn’t want to smoke when I was older but that didn’t work, I had overcome kidney cancer. As an Elder in the community I couldn’t talk to kids about not smoking when I was a smoker.

“I have stopped smoking about 3 times previously but I was determined this time. If you listen to your body it is telling you enough is enough.”