Overview of the website

No Smokes is divided in 5 main sections.  Each of these sections has suggested educational resources that can be viewed with students or clients online, or downloaded.  The first three topics are also covered in detail in the Tobacco Flipchart, a downloadable resource available in either pdf or powerpoint format.

The Facts

This section looks at smoking in the context of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, including the history of tobacco use, tobacco legislation, the cost of smoking and what’s in a cigarette.

Your Health

This section looks at the health effects of smoking on each part of the body, and topics such as smoking in pregnancy, passive smoking, the effect on your appearance, mental health and the benefits of quitting.


This section looks at quitting, starting with explaining the process of addiction. It then moves into other focus area’s such as changing your thinking about smoking, ways to quit, why people relapse and helping others quit.


This section has personal and inspirational video stories from smokers, nonsmokers, successful quitters and more.

Although these stories are not directly downloadable from the NoSmokes website you can download them from our Vimeo Channel.


The fun section is a great way of engaging young people with entertaining information about smoking and quitting using games, videos, music, ringtones and mobile phone apps and the interactive Hip Hop Smoker VS Non Smoker Dance Off.