Study Guides

The No Smokes Study Guides are a suite of resources for teachers of upper primary to secondary students in urban, regional and remote areas.

There are five Study Guides that can be use to create units of works usingthe No Smokes multimedia resources.  Each Study Guide can be downloaded as a PDF using the links below.

The Study Guides relate to a number of subjects in the National Curriculum.

Each Study Guide relates to a different section of the No Smokes website:

Introduction to the Study Guides

The Facts Study Guide
Your Health Study Guide

Quitting Study Guide

Stories Study Guide

Smoking Calculator Study Guide

The No Smokes  Study Guides are currently available as part of a pilot phase for the project.

We welcome any feedback from teachers particularly following their use with students in the classroom.  Please email us or complete a quick online survey here.

If your students would like to contribute a video to the No Smokes website please complete the No Smokes video release form and submit with your video.  For more details contact