Cost of Smoking

Smoking costs you your health, and also lots of your money.

If you add up the money you spend on cigarettes in a week, or a month, or even a year, you might be surprised at how it adds up.

Someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day is spending about $500 a month on cigarettes…that’s around $6000 a year! Instead of spending $6000 a year on cigarettes, that money could buy household goods like a fridge, more clothes and food for the family, even a car or a holiday.

If everyone who smokes is spending that much money, where does the money go? Tobacco doesn’t cost that much to grow.The tobacco companies who buy and sell the tobacco are making a lot of money. In one year, three tobacco companies made $140 billion dollars!

If you think about the things you could buy with the money you spend on cigarettes and where that money ends up it could help you quit.

When some people quit they put the money they save each week into a jar or keep it separate from their other money some other way. Then they buy nice things for themselves to congratulate themselves for being a healthy non-smoker.

Use the Smoking Calculator to work out what smoking costs you.

There are much better ways you can spend your money than smoking.