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Theresa Paterson – The slip-up!

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Since my last blog entry, I caught up with some of my mates over a social drink (all smokers!) and I admit that the cravings to smoke with them kicked in hard. In the back of my head, I knew that if I was going to have a night out with my friends who smoke, then this would be the most vulnerable time of my smoke-free journey.

When I first quit I had two weeks ‘grog-free’ to help me get by on those “I NEED A SMOKE” moments – because let’s face it, when you’re out with your mates having a drink and the smokes come out,  it’s really hard not to have a ‘drag’.

I DID (with regret) have a couple drags that night which led me to getting some ‘short-ones’ (drags of smokes here and there) off everyone. My cousin was on the side yelling at me, “ don’t do it!” … but I couldn’t resist and kept going anyway. I just wanted that nicotine hit.

The next morning I woke up with a disgustingly sore throat and a splitting headache – I knew straight away it was from smoking. I was so angry at myself and felt shame that I let myself down. But I didn’t let that get me down too much. I told myself this is just a slip up. Since that night I don’t want to ever wake up feeling as horrible and let down as I did. I haven’t been tempted to have a smoke since.

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“Theresa is a 24 year old Aboriginal woman from Darwin, who now works in Melbourne. She has been a smoker for 9 years and has now been quit for over 6 weeks.”

You can follow Theresa’s quit journey though her blog during February and the first few weeks of March.