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Theresa Paterson – Staying Positive


I have now replaced my bad habit, which was almost like a hobby, with exercise (that’s me getting ready to shoot some hoops). At times I can feel down and almost depressed (must be all the toxins leaving my body) so having found something active to do helps heaps now that I’m not smoking.

People have been telling me to try nicotine gum, nicotine patches or those electronic smokes. My theory is you’re still feeding your addiction so I’m being strong and doing it COLD TURKEY.

All I want to do is EAT! These are the things I’ve been doing when cravings kick in: ‘skull’ a glass of water – I have been drinking more than 2L a day; eat a piece of fruit; get some fresh air and go for a quick walk around the block. I’ve also found if you’re feeling down, reach out and tell someone. Talking about your feelings will make you feel 10x better – getting those feelings and thoughts off your chest (even though some of us blackfullas like to bottle our feelings and emotions up) LET IT OUT!!

I will be heading out on the road with work visiting some of the health services – so I will post again later in the week!

Theresa :)

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“Theresa is a 24 year old Aboriginal woman from Darwin, who now works in Melbourne. She has been a smoker for 9 years and has now been quit for over 6 weeks.”


You can follow Theresa’s quit journey though her blog during February and the first few weeks of March.