News: Tobacco ads spark teen smoking

smoking ad - vintage

The more tobacco advertising teenagers see, the more likely they are to start smoking, according to a new study.

Every 10 tobacco ads that teens view increases their risk of starting to smoke by nearly 40%! Young people can be easily influenced, and tobacco companies use marketing and advertising to make smoking look really cool. But the ads never show the truth – all the harm and suffering that smoking brings.

The cigarette ad above is from the 1950s – back then tobacco companies were telling people that smoking was good for your teeth!! So advertising can often use lies to sell you something.

In Australia, it is illegal to advertise cigarettes ANYWHERE – that includes in magazines, on TV, on the internet or at sports events. But some tobacco companies get around this by paying to have smoking shown in movies – how sneaky is that?!

You can read about the research here: